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Our initiative

Together we are stronger, let us unite.

Many scattered initiatives, but nothing that allowed to consolidate all this to allow people to have a website where to find a real plurality of sale products to support Ukraine. This is the objective of support4Ukraine.com which remains open to all individuals or associations wishing to sell something while donating all or part of the benefits for Ukraine.

  • high quality products and international delivery
  • efficient and responsive customer service
  • Money Back Guarantee for 7 days

Our team

A base in France to ship and handle communications, another base in Ukraine to find the best products and deliver them in Europe or anywhere else, our team controls all the logistics and commercial chain from beginning to end.


C'est grâce à des initiatives telles que S4U que nous avons pu ravitailler plusieurs orphelinats avec le soutien local de volontaires.

Nicolas Ader - Client

Une aide régulière et ciblée qui nous permet de répondre à de nombreux besoins pour les hommes sur le front, merci S4U.

Lydmyla Piloyan - Bénéficiant de l'aide de S4U